Ryans Cleaning’s ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ Target for World Meeting of Families


Ryans Cleaning team ready for the Papal Visit clean up challenge

1.2m patrons will be serviced by Ryans Cleaning this weekend

Pope Francis inspired ‘Family Refuse Bag’ initiative roll out on Sunday

Tipperary based company to clean Europe’s biggest event of 2018 this weekend


The Papal Visit this weekend is set to be Europe’s biggest event of 2018 and it is the biggest event ever cleaned by Thurles based event cleaning company Ryans Cleaning. Ryans Cleaning have been engaged to clean the Phoenix Park and Knock elements of the Papal Visit this weekend. They will do this in addition to maintaining their regular contract work at Croke Park, The Bord Gais Energy Theatre, The Gaiety Theatre, The Olympia Theatre as well as the Carl Cox Show at Ballinlough Castle and a horse-racing fixture at The Curragh Racecourse here in Ireland. Furthermore, the family-run firm will also be actively cleaning in the UK at two major gigs, Leeds Festival and Creamfields Festival bringing the total expected attendance that they will service this weekend to 1.2 million patrons.

Ryans Cleaning have European ISO Standards of cleaning in place at all venues they service and the company is committed to the ‘Vision 20:20 Zero Waste to Landfill’ aim for all events across Ireland and the UK.

At Phoenix Park this Sunday, Ryans Cleaning will be handing out free family refuse bags to encourage attendees to gather and store their waste in these before depositing in one of their many nearby general waste bins throughout the day.

These bins will be removed from the park during and after the event to a nearby waste facility where all rubbish will be segmented over a murph in an effort to separate all mixed dry recyclables from other waste items.

With the help of those in attendance, every effort will be made by Ryans Cleaning and the team at Phoenix Park to restore the park to its natural state as quickly as possible post event. Their ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ target for the World Meeting of Families is very much in line with Pope Francis’ strong stance on the power behind humans working together to have a positive impact on our environment, earlier this year he tweeted “We must never forget that the natural environment is a collective good, the patrimony of all humanity and the responsibility of everyone.”

Pat Ryan, CEO of the family-run firm commented that “It was a tweet by Pope Francis himself that inspired us to think outside the box and introduce the family refuse bag for this event to engage the patrons in the clean-up operation and give them the means required to put the environmental responsibility in the hands of all individuals. We hope that this will enable us to complete the clean to our usual superior standard even quicker than normal, restoring the park to its natural state in record time.”

In addition to this initiative, Ryans Cleaning will have over 200 operatives, 30 supervisors plus a specialist back of house janitorial team on-site at Phoenix Park. Pat Ryan commented “We are very satisfied that although this is the biggest event expected to take place in Europe this year we have it well covered, afterall this is what we do week in week out, nationally and internationally. I have personally overseen all aspects of the planning around this project myself and will be onsite at Croke Park on Saturday and The Phoenix Park on Sunday to ensure this major milestone for our company is achieved seamlessly.”


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Event Clean Fact Sheet

Venue: Phoenix Park

Event: World Meeting of Families’ Papal Visit

Date: Sunday, 26th of August


  • Ryans Cleaning have been cleaning within the events industry here at home and in the UK for over 30 years, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this event from a cleaning perspective.
  • Although this will be the largest event Ryans have ever cleaned they are drawing on years of experience at other extremely well-attended events, for example, the Olympics, BT Live 2012, The Ryder Cup 2006, Electric Picnic, The Irish Open, Tall Ships 2012 and the 2003 Special Olympics to mention but a few.
  • The type of clean required to return Phoenix Park back to its natural state, is similar to Ryans Cleaning’s experience at similar ‘green field gigs’ they service in Ireland and Internationally; most notable comparatives include British Summer Time Event in Hyde Park London where 60,000 concert goers attend the concert each of the 6 consecutive nights. As these are back to back the clean-up team must ensure that the venue is ready for the following morning, which is where the Ryans Cleaning ‘Night Fairies’ come into their own. Other comparatives include the Creamfields Music Festival in Daresbury with a daily attendance of 70,000 and The National Ploughing Championships with an average daily attendance of 94,500.
  • The demographics of those who are expected to attend as suggested by event organisers at the many EMP meetings Ryans Cleaning have been at thus far suggests the type of clean will be similar to that which Ryans Cleaning would expect at an All-Ireland Final at Croke Park (where they are the resident cleaning contractors), when two teams meet from the far corners of the country. As one can imagine this involves an early start and a long day for families so packed lunches, snacks, minerals both bottles and cans, cardboard and plastic wrappers as well as tea and coffee paraphernalia including used tea bags, small cartons of milk, sugar sachets, plastic and wooden spoons and paper and polystyrene cups are all par for the course at this sort of event. Albeit it on a much greater scale than the example given, the cleaning operations and attention to quality and detail will be exceptional as standard with Ryans Cleaning.
  • Attendees at the event will receive a FREE family refuse bag on arrival at Phoenix Park courtesy of Ryans Cleaning to encourage families to do their bit to keep the site clean and help to protect the park from unnecessary rubbish, thus helping the speed at which Ryans Cleaning can return the site to its natural state post-event. 
  • The Phoenix Park cleaning spec for this event includes all areas inside the park boundary, the entrance gates, search areas, media centre, back of house areas, the internal road network in the park, the arena clean itself as well as all bus and car parking areas.
  • Ryans Cleaning will be on site at Phoenix Park for a pre-clean for 12 days in advance of the World Meetings of Families’ Papal Visit.
  • The priority for the team at Ryans Cleaning is to return the park to its natural state as quickly as possible, however, care for the park and the quality of this clean will not be jeopardised in haste, Ryans Cleaning are well used to this type of cleaning requirement and it will be managed with military precision to realise this common goal.
  • To ensure the efficiency of the clean in relation to care for the park and the speed of the clean required, Ryans Cleaning will be enlisting a higher volume of employees than what is standard operations for return to ‘green field’ for this unique event.
  • Ryans Cleaning will have numerous teams in place pre-event, teams on a continuous clean basis throughout the event picking litter and emptying bins etc. consisting of general operatives and supervisors as well as a specialised team of janitors operating behind the scenes for the back of house requirements.
  • The recycling target for this event is to see “Zero Waste to Landfill” and that is the case at all events Ryans Cleaning service, in accordance with the Zero Waste Events 20:20 Roadmap.
  • Ryans Cleaning have a “Zero Waste to Landfill” policy as standard at Croke Park (and across most events where possible) where they are resident contractors and a case study on this is available to the media on request, contact details below.
  • From an environmental perspective, every effort will be made to make this event a green and sustainable one, the site will include both general and recycling bins throughout the park. All free family refuse bags issued will be collected and gathered along with Ryans Cleaning teams’ litter picking efforts and sent off-site for segregation over a murph at a waste facility nearby.
  • The Phoenix Park access network of roads and pathways will reopen on Monday at 4pm so essentially that is the deadline to which Ryans Cleaning will be operating, that said Ryans Cleaning always like to air on the side of caution and apply their own internal deadlines for all aspects of the clean so that they can meet any venues requirements with ease.
  • The wildlife in the park will naturally populate the green field site in which the event is being held post-event and based on the efforts of Ryans Cleaning, all suppliers and Park Officials we are confident that the natural residents of Phoenix Park will be grazing and going about their usual business happily and safely post-event.
  • Over the weekend of the Papal Visit, Ryans Cleaning will have teams at all three sites not just Phoenix Park, they will also be cleaning at Knock Shrine and Airport, Croke Park WMOF, Carl Cox in Ballinlough Castle, Creamfields Festival, Leeds Festival, The Curragh Racecourse, The Bord Gais Energy Theatre, The Gaiety Theatre and The Olympia Theatre.
  • The total expected attendances at the events Ryans Cleaning will be servicing during the Papal Visit is 1.2 million people.
  • Ryans Cleaning is a family run business based in Thurles, Co. Tipperary and the company is a really good example of how hard work, determination and quality service can see rural businesses become industry leaders representing Ireland at an international level, for media opportunities contact Carey-Ann Lordan, Red PR details enclosed below.
  • At Ryans Cleaning the quality of their service is more than just something to be measured. Quality is embedded throughout all of their activities. The team continually strives to exceed client expectations, because providing the best quality service is one of their main objectives. To consistently achieve this, as a team they embrace the highest international standards where they implement the requirements on management systems specified by ISO. Thanks to their team working hard on green practices and their focus on sustainability they are currently externally certified to four ISO international standards as per below.
  • ISO 20121: Event Sustainability Management Systems
  • ISO 19001: 2008 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management Systems
  • OHAS 18001: 2007 Occupational Health and Safety