Recycling & Waste Management



Ryans Cleaning are committed to reducing the impact of the company’s activities on the environment. We are continuously improving our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. We provide and employ sufficient resources to ensure recycling & waste management processes minimise any adverse effect on the environment.

The company will comply with all statutory requirements, recognised Codes of Practice, maintain environmental standards and incorporate appropriate techniques utilising the results of recent research in the area of recycling & waste management. Under one of our key areas of success we will continually research and explore new schemes for the recycling of materials and recovery of energy from waste or its products.

Waste disposal is a burden on the earth’s natural resources. Disposing of waste requires energy and natural resources as well as generating emissions. Ryans Cleaning recognises increasing awareness of environmental issues and we offer an innovative & dedicated service for venues and events, tailored precisely to meet all recycling & waste management requirement solutions.

We will continue to promote, develop and implement waste prevention and reduction initiatives and we have operate our Recycling Rocks Campaign where we actively promote recycling,  manage recycling stations and look to decrease the actual waste disposal along with setting challenging recycling targets. Where there are multiple stakeholders involved we will champion and actively promote on behalf of our client.

We only use the appropriate selected regulated recycling & waste management contractors to ensure safe management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. We also ensure that this is disposed of in accordance with best environmental practice.

recycling & waste management






Ryans working towards the sustainable Festival

As we enter into the new season of outdoor festivals and events in 2015 the emphasis on helping our clients work towards a more sustainable future becomes ever stronger. At Ryans we recognise that resources need to be managed in a more sustainable way. We seek to advise our clients on how they can introduce waste minimisation projects whilst looking to re-use what wastes are left at events once the punters have gone home for example the camping equipment that is left behind after major events. We implement robust strategies across events to make sure we maximise the amount of recyclable material that we remove for the waste stream. We have an extensive network of partners throughout the UK which provide us with the infrastructure to deliver “Zero Waste To Landfill” solutions for most of the residual waste created that cannot go through the recycling process, this residual waste is usually turned into electricity that goes back into the national grid.

Clean recyclables is the name of the game, one of the biggest challenges we face at outdoor events is keeping recyclable materials clean so they are not rejected by the processors. Working with our clients over many years we have developed a “3 bin” strategy that we are looking to roll out across our whole portfolio this year. Mixed recycling and food waste containers are positioned next to the traditional general waste bins both back and front of house. The containers are colour coded in line with WRAP recommendations (i.e. orange for mixed recycling) to encourage users to separate their wastes and dispose of them correctly. We use signage that follows the colour scheme as well as following the same theme with any internal or external training literature.

Where we have worked with our clients to introduce this system it has proved very successful in increasing recycling rates as festival goers are keen to do their bit by separating out their wastes as they would do at home. We also look to compliment this system with our cardboard miners who are targeted to collect clean cardboard whilst the events are on and to bring back to our mobile bailing operation. The material is then bailed ready for onward processing. We will also have can collection points at the arena entrances, this material is also bailed on site. The amount of metal and wood waste that is traditionally disposed of from the back stage operations is surprisingly high, having recognised this we now provide “Metal Only” and “Wood Only” large containers so the production teams can separate these waste streams significantly helping recycling rates.