Irish company cleaning up in the UK celebrate their inaugural Premiership Stadium clean at the Watford v Arsenal game at Vicarage Road today!


Ryans Cleaning, an Irish firm based in County Tipperary which provides event specialist cleaning services both here and in the UK will complete their first premiership stadium clean at Watford FC today. This Watford v Arsenal game is set to attract a huge home crowd to Vicarage Road as they face tough opposition from a top premiership team today. The convenient location makes for an easy trek to an away match for London based Arsenal fans to attend also. The match signifies a major milestone for the cleaning company who have been in business since 1997.

The venue has a capacity of 21,438 and the contract includes the provision of cleaning services of the entire grounds including the seated stadium, The Sir Elton John, The View and The Gallery hospitality areas, catering, restrooms, dressing rooms, press office and general office areas. It also includes the provision of a full time cleaning staff, match day cleaning for all 20 home premier league games annually and event day cleaning as required.

Commenting on the significance of this Premier League contact, Pat Ryan owner of Ryans Cleaning said “We are delighted to have this first Premier League contract under our belts as this has been part of our UK growth strategy for some time now, the first of many I have no doubt! Although we clean lots of stadia and sporting venues at home and in the UK, for example, Croke Park which holds almost 4 times the capacity of Vicarage Road, the UK market has been a tough nut to crack for a small Irish company like ours when competing with some of the major players in the UK market. There is never a question over our capacity to clean, the quality of work we do or our ability to deliver on the big and small days so if I had to put my finger on it I would say the USP that got us over the line in this instance is our personal touch and the integrity with which we operate as a business. Watford FC was very much taken by our family business and our commitment to a hands-on approach by management which makes it even more special as these are core values that my team and I have never compromised on over the last 30 years in business.”

Ian Pope, Facilities Manager at Watford Football Club said “We are really pleased with the service we have received from Ryans Cleaning and their very positive and professional approach to this new contract. Their duty of care, attitude and focus throughout the tender process and their initial work has been exceptionally good. Based on their performance to date I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective client or venue.”